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Aus Europaletten können Sie Lounge-Möbel einfach selber bauen. Die Möbelstücke zeichnen sich dann in ihrer Form, Größe und Farbe durch Individualität aus, so dass Palettenkissen mit Standardmaßen oft nicht ganz passend sind. Für dieses Problem bietet Ihnen der Germes Onlineshop die perfekte Lösung: Wir nähen robuste, langlebige Palettenkissen nach Maß in Ihrer Lieblingsfarbe.

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Wir haben Sitz- und Rückenkissen für einen Strandkorb und eine Philosophenbank auf Maß Bestellt, alles Passt Super, sehr gute Arbeit und netter Kontakt! Sehr zu Empfehlen.
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Frank R., 29.07.2018 Verified purchase
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Ich bin so begeistert das ich es in Worten nicht schreiben kann, wir haben eine Palettenbank gemacht und dafür die Polster bestellt, es passt perfekt und die Farbe ist genauso schön wie im Internet, ich bestelle noch welche, für unsere Gartenlaube, Fotos gibt es nach der zweiten Bestellung wenn alles fertig ist. Ich kann es nur weiterempfehlen und an die Firma Germes ein großes Dankeschön.
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Ernestine S., 20.04.2020 Verified purchase
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Habe zwei Kissen bestellt. Sie sind super geworden, passen perfekt und waren sehr schnell fertig. Habe immer aktuelle Infos über den Bearbeitungsstand erhalten. Ich kann GEMES absolut empfehlen. Vielen Dank.
Gudrun S., 15.04.2021 Verified purchase

Pallet Furniture Cushions

You can easily build lounge furniture from Euro pallets. The pieces of furniture then stand out in their shape, size and color due to their individuality, so that standard size pallet cushions often do not fit perfectly. For this problem, the Germes online shop offers you the perfect solution: We sew robust, long-lasting pallet cushions to measure in your favorite color.

Pallet Cushions in the Germes Online Shop

Welcome to Germes, your reliable online shop for high-quality outdoor pallet cushions that transform your patio into a cozy and stylish oasis. We are delighted to welcome you to our shop, where comfort, quality, and individuality are at the heart of our products. Our pallet cushions are not only comfortable but also the perfect addition to your pallet furniture in the outdoor area. Whether you are already a proud owner of pallet furniture or are considering designing your garden with these versatile pieces of furniture - our pallet cushions are the missing puzzle piece to give your space the desired charm.

Pallet Cushions - A Real Eye-Catcher

What makes our pallet cushions unique? It's the attention to detail and our dedication to quality. Each of our cushions is carefully handcrafted and equipped with a high-quality filling that provides first-class comfort and support. We offer a wide range of fabrics and colors so you can customize your design and express your personal style. Whether you are looking for cushions for your pallet sofa, lounge furniture, or patio furniture - at Germes, you will find the perfect solution for your needs. Our water-resistant pallet cushions are ideal for year-round outdoor use and guarantee durability without compromising aesthetics. Dive into our extensive category of pallet cushions and discover how you can redesign your outdoor area with Germes. We are proud to accompany your outdoor adventures with our top-class pallet cushions.

Pallet Cushion Outdoor Sets

Our pallet pads are also available as a pallet cushion set. You can choose between seat cushions and back cushions, seat cushions and wedge back cushions, and a quilted seat cushion and back cushion. With the sets, you can configure each cushion individually: The height or depth of the cushions as well as the width. You can also choose whether you need a fastening for each cushion. We have a large selection of colors and patterns. If you have a request regarding side cushions, you can send us an email or contact us by phone.

High-Quality Materials for Durable Pallet Cushions

Our pallet cushions are equipped with acrylic covers, which are an excellent choice for your outdoor area. But what makes acrylic so special as a fabric? Acrylic is a high-performance fiber fabric specially designed to withstand the demanding conditions outdoors. Its outstanding properties make acrylic the perfect choice for our pallet cushion covers:

1. Weather resistance:

Our acrylic fabrics are dirt and water repellent and resist the effects of UV rays, moisture, and mold.

2. Lightfastness:

The colors in our acrylic covers have a good lightfastness value (5-8 out of 8) and do not change their color after the first exposure to sunlight. This maintains the aesthetics of your pallet lounge.

3. Easy to care for:

Acrylic is easy to clean and requires little effort to maintain its beauty. A simple wipe or rinse is enough to remove dirt and stains.

4. Excellent comfort:

Our fabrics offer a comfortable seating experience that makes your outdoor experience even more comfortable.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Pallet Cushions

To receive the perfect product, we need your pallet dimensions. All you need to do is measure your pallet furniture with a tape measure or yardstick and enter these dimensions into our configurator. Whether online orders or purchase on-site, we make all our cushions to measure and individually for you!

If your furniture has special dimensions, this is no problem for us - please send us an email with your special dimensions and possibly a sketch and we will send you a tailor-made offer.

Easy-care Pallet Cushions: Tips for Care and Cleaning

Our pallet cushions are very easy to clean. You can either brush off dust and light dirt or wipe it off with a damp cloth. You can also clean the cover in the washing machine:

  • maximum 30°
  • gentle cycle
  • do not or only short spin
  • do not dry or bleach
  • if necessary, iron at the lowest temperature level

Our Secret Ingredient for Luxury Comfort: The Unique Filling of our Pallet Cushions

When it comes to the filling of our pallet cushions, we place great importance on top foam quality. That's why we get our foam and thermo fleece right here in Germany!

We use these different types of foam:

Gray foam with a density of 35/40

When it comes to first-class seating comfort, we rely on our special gray foam with a density of 35/40. This robust material is the key component that makes our seat cushions a perfect companion for your relaxed moments outdoors.

Think of this foam as your personal cushion of firmness and stability. It is the backbone of your seat cushions and ensures that you can sit comfortably for hours without losing comfort. Whether you're chatting with friends, reading a book, or simply enjoying nature - our gray foam provides the support you need to feel completely comfortable.

The choice of this material is no coincidence. We deliberately chose the gray foam to ensure that your seat cushions meet the demands of seating comfort. We are confident that you will appreciate the quality and stability of these cushions that transform your outdoor furniture into real feel-good places.

White foam with a density of 19/30

This foam material is ideal for back cushions. It offers the perfect balance between support and softness to provide you with the ultimate comfort experience. Whether you're spending a relaxed afternoon in the garden or leaning back comfortably on your pallet sofa - our pallet cushions turn every moment into a true feel-good experience.

Sustainability in Action: Our Upcycling Flake Filling

At Germes, sustainability and environmental awareness are not just buzzwords - they are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. This is particularly evident in our innovative flake filling, which is obtained from recycled foam remnants. We are proud to make our contribution to reducing waste and conserving natural resources.

Our flake filling is made from foam remnants that would normally end up in disposal. With our special machine, these remnants are shredded and processed into flakes that get a second chance. This flake filling is not only environmentally friendly but also extremely functional.

For example, we use this flake filling in our quilted cushions from a thickness of 8 cm. These cushions not only offer excellent support and comfort but are also proof of our commitment to sustainability. By reusing foam remnants, we reduce our environmental impact and at the same time contribute to conserving resources.

Our Cushions for Self-made Euro Pallets Furniture: Individuality Meets Comfort

At Germes, we understand your passion for DIY and the joy of creating your own pallet furniture. Our pallet cushions for self-made Euro pallet furniture are the perfect addition to your handmade creations and give them the final touch of comfort and style.

Our cushions are specifically designed to give your self-built Euro pallet furniture the optimal seating comfort. Whether you make pallet sofas, lounge furniture, or cozy seating, our cushions seamlessly adapt to your creative designs.

Uniqueness is the key to your DIY project, and our pallet cushions reflect this philosophy. We offer a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns so you can design your Euro pallets according to your personal preferences. Each of our pallet cushions is carefully handcrafted to ensure the highest quality and a tailor-made fit for your seating furniture.

Whether you want to add a touch of luxury to your self-built pallet furniture or create a relaxed atmosphere outdoors - our pallet cushions are the ideal solution. We are proud to support your DIY projects with comfort and elegance and are excited to see how you bring your Euro pallet furniture to life with our pallet cushions.

Discover the world of tailor-made cushions for self-made Euro pallet furniture at Germes and make your DIY project a unique and cozy outdoor experience.

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