Rope tension sun sail made to measure

Designt, entwickelt und hergestellt in Deutschland
  • Up to 7 meters long
  • Up to 1.5 meters wide
  • Almost 40 fabrics to choose from
  • Incl. mounting accessories


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Custom Cable Sun Shade Sail – the Perfect Solution for Sun Protection

If you're in search of a custom-made and individual sun protection solution for your patio roof, our custom cable sun shade sails are the perfect addition to your patio cover.

With a vast selection of colors, high-quality Dralon© fabric, easy installation, reliable sun protection, simple operation, flexible application, and a perfect fit for any patio roof due to made-to-measure production—plus, very affordable! These features make our cable sun shade sails a best-seller among sun protection solutions.

Our cable sun shade sail comes with great standard equipment – running hooks, cable, cable tensioning device, and an operation rod are all included standard. Aluminum tubes that reinforce the front hem are also included in the price.

Our Cable Sun Shade Sails, as Unique as You

Since our cable sun shade sails are custom-made, they can shade almost any patio roof.

You can choose between two looks – wavy or taut.

A huge variety of different designs and colors are available for you to choose from—our cable sun shade sails can be made in nearly 40 different fabric options, solid or striped.

Order your free fabric samples now and get convinced by the quality of our Dralon© fabrics:


Create a Unique Ambience Under Your Patio Roof

With our custom cable sun shade sail, each individual panel is shaded. This allows you to flexibly shade your terrace by sliding individual sections in certain areas on or together.

The color also plays a major role in your terrace ambience – depending on the chosen color, you can darken or brighten the terrace. Even on a rainy day, a sunny atmosphere can be created if the cable sun shade sails are made of sun yellow fabric.

Custom cable sun shade sail on an aluminum patio

Reinforcement Tube - Invisible but Very Important Part

The aluminum reinforcement tube is slid into the front hem, providing additional stability and a clean look to the cable sun shade sail.

This has an important functionality - when sliding together, the front hem evenly covers the entire width of the field, leaving no gaps for sunlight to penetrate.

Reinforcement tube for a custom cable sun shade sail

Very Simple Installation

For tensioning the cable, we use our proven side cable tensioners. They are sturdy, suitable for wooden and metal constructions, and very easy to use. Fixing to the rafters is also very simple – you only need one screw, which is particularly important with metal roofs.

Cable tensioner on an aluminum patio

Reliable Hold Despite Simple Attachment

We deliberately use a polyester rope – this rope is absolutely maintenance-free, very robust (tensile strength is 1800 N, nearly 184 kg or 405 lbs), and comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike stainless steel cables, the polyester rope does not rust and the gliding capability of the sails remains excellent.

Our running hooks are very light and easy to install – you slide the hook into a vertical position onto the rope and turn it 90 degrees until it clicks into place. Done!

Cable sun shade sail hook installation


Exact Positioning Even on Greater Slopes

The front running hooks are equipped with a sliding brake, allowing the cable sun shade sails to be extended and stay in place without additional equipment, regardless of roof slope or wind. The sail remains in the extended state you set.

High Quality for Everyday Use!

Our custom cable sun shade sails are made from the highest quality raw materials!

The sun protection panels are water-resistant, mold and dirt repellent, protect against UV rays, washable with hooks at 30°C, and have high colorfastness. They are very low-maintenance and perfectly suited for everyday use.

Installing the cable tensioning device on your patio roof is very easy and also very sturdy.

The rope is flame retardant, absolutely maintenance-free and indestructible.

You get a high-quality custom cable sun shade sail at a very fair price-performance ratio.

If you have any questions, or if you have a special patio that cannot be shaded with standard sun protection systems, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll clear up any uncertainties and definitely find a convincing solution at the best price!

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Dralon - Premium Outdoor Fabric

Thanks to its excellent properties, Dralon fabrics are used in many areas (indoors and outdoors, sportswear and workwear, fashion industry, baby and children's clothes, etc.).

Indoors, the fabric is used for blankets, furniture, upholstery and curtains, as well as carpets and table linen.

Outdoors, Dralon fabrics particularly show off their advantages. Brilliant colors, easy care, UV resistance and a pleasant feel comparable to cotton fabric. At the same time, Dralon fabric is very durable and long-lasting. Dralon® is well equipped against mold and bacterial attack.

The fabric exhibits the following properties:

  • Lightweight and wool-like material
  • Durable and breathable
  • Resistant to abrasion and sweat
  • Easy care
  • UV resistant
  • Stain protection through Teflon coating (dirt and water repellent)
  • Does not shrink after washing

The Dralon fabric has a high degree of color fastness. More information on light fastness can be found here
Despite the Teflon coating (stain protection), the Dralon fabric is breathable - in the upholstery area, this prevents sweating and in the sun protection area, it prevents the formation of condensation and therefore mold.

Dralon® – high-quality outdoor fabric made of 100% acrylic.
Here are the technical data
Teflon coating – dirt and water repellent.
Healthwise harmless, equips the fabric with stain protection.
High light fastness – depending on the color, light fastness factor of 5 to 7
Here are the technical data
Best CO2 balance worldwide in the production of acrylic fibers
Extremely low water consumption in production (ONLY 0.07% compared to the production of cotton fabric).
Durable and sustainable – 100% recyclable and 90% less production waste in the spinning process.
Highest quality – Dralon fibers made in Germany!
All our Dralon fabrics are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 (MADE IN GREEN)
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