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Porch Swing Cushions

Porch Swing Cushions  A porch...
Eine Hollywoodschaukel ist ein stilvoller Hingucker im Garten und auf der Terrasse. Das liegt aber nicht nur an der ausgeklügelten Schaukel-Vorrichtung und dem Sonnendach, sondern vor allem an den komfortablen Hollywoodschaukel Auflagen. Weich gepolstert liegt und sitzt es sich in der Schaukel einfach besser als auf blankem Holz oder Metall. Natürlich ist es wichtig, dass die Kissen perfekt zu Ihrem Gestell passen. Deshalb näht Germes für Sie Hollywoodschaukel Auflagen nach Maß.

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100% zufrieden
Sowohl die Bankauflagen als auch die beiden Niedriglehner passen perfekt, sind sehr ordentlich verarbeitet. Hervorheben möchte ich auch die ausgezeichnete Kommunikation mit dem Hersteller.
Evelyn O., 06.07.2020 Verified purchase
3 x Super für Qualität, Verarbeitung und Auftragsabwickung
Die nach unseren Maßen und unserer Farbauswahl gefertigte Hollywoodschaukel-Auflage passt genau, ist ordendlich verarbeitet und ist farblich genau so, wie wir es uns vorgestellt haben. Die Auftragsabwicklung von der Bestellung bis hin zum Eintreffen der Ware war einschließlich der Verpackung tadellos.
Detlef D., 08.06.2021 Verified purchase
Schnell und super Qualität
Wir haben für unsere Lounge Auflagen gesucht. Dabei wollten wir Sitz- und Rückenkissen in einem haben und sind über die Hollywoodauflagen gestoßen.
Wir haben an einem Sonntag bestellt und bereits am Mittwoch wurde geliefert. Die Qualität ist super, der Stoff sehr gut und die Auflagen sind passgenau. Dafür 5+ Sterne.
Haike B., 30.06.2021 Verified purchase
Erstklassige Qualität
Wir haben insgesamt zwei Auflagen nach Maß bestellt und haben uns für den Stoff aus Dralon entschieden. Die Kissen sind passgenau und äußerst bequem. Die Verarbeitung ist sehr hochwertig. Wir sind mit unseren Auflagen sehr zufrieden und können GERMES uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.
Jens T., 01.06.2022 Verified purchase
Sehr zufrieden
Die Qualität ist super. Der Bestellvorgang und die Lieferung waren unproblematisch.
An an der Verpackung gab es nichts auszusetzen.
Die von mir bestellte Farbe würde bei mir eher als grün, nicht als grau durchgehen.
Die Firma werde ich weiter empfehlen.
Simone K., 24.04.2023 Verified purchase
Hollywoodschaukel-Auflage mit Stehsaum
Gaaanz super ausgefallen.
Die Polster sind besser wie das Original von Kettler.
Material und Füllung ausgezeichnet!
Marita G., 31.05.2022 Verified purchase

Porch Swing Cushions

A porch swing is a stylish eye-catcher in the garden and on the terrace. But this is not only due to the sophisticated swing mechanism and the sunroof, but above all to the comfortable porch swing cushions. It's simply more comfortable to lie and sit on the swing with soft padding than on bare wood or metal. Of course, it's important that the cushions fit your frame perfectly. That's why Germes sews custom-made porch swing cushions for you.
Custom-made porch swing cushions in the online shop at GERMES
A porch swing is a popular garden furniture piece that provides relaxation and coziness. To further increase the seating comfort, special cushions for the swing are often used. The porch swing cushions are available in various colors, materials, and designs and can be individually selected. You can enter the size of your porch swing cushion in our configurator, then fill in all further information and order very easily. In the shortest possible time, we will deliver your individual cushion to your home.


The most common fabrics for porch swing cushions are polyester and polyacrylic. These are particularly easy to care for, durable, and weatherproof. There are also cushions made of cotton or linen, but these are less robust and should be brought into the house in bad weather. To get an idea of our outdoor fabrics, you can request some samples from us, which we can then send to you comfortably by mail.


In our range, we have various manufacturing models to choose from. You can choose between the standing seam, the bridge seam, and the quilted variant. The porch swing cushion is sewn together with the seat cushion and back cushion, so you do not receive two separate cushions, but a common one. The cushion has an adjustable strap on the back cushion, so you can tighten it on the swing. Optionally, you can also choose attachment loops in the fold (between the back and seat cushion).

Why a porch swing cushion?

A porch swing cushion not only provides additional comfort, but also protects the seat from dirt and wear and tear. Especially for swings made of wood, a cushion is important to protect the material from moisture and UV radiation. In addition, a matching cushion can also enhance the design of the porch swing and create a harmonious overall picture in the garden. Regardless of whether you have a 2-seater or 3-seater, you can order your custom porch swing cushion with us according to your ideas!

Ultimate seating comfort

Your porch swing is more than just a place to relax outdoors - it's a place of rest, enjoyment, and unforgettable moments. We understand that seating comfort plays a crucial role in this, and that's why we offer you the opportunity to take your porch swing cushions to the next level. Our custom-made porch swing cushions are not only known for their top-quality and variety of over 40 colors, but also for the ability to adjust the foam thickness according to your personal preferences. We believe that every seating moment should be unique!

Choose your perfect foam thickness

Our cushions offer you the choice between different foam thicknesses, so you can design the seating comfort exactly according to your wishes. Whether you prefer a firmer support to comfortably read a book or are looking for softer padding for long hours of rest, you will find the perfect solution with us.
Light padding:
Ideal for light support that gently envelops the body and allows for pleasant relaxation Medium padding: A balanced compromise between firmness and softness, suitable for most seating needs.
Thick padding:
Perfect for ultimate luxury and limitless seating comfort when you want to snuggle into your porch swing.
Our custom-made porch swing cushions are not only comfortable, but also durable and weatherproof, so you can enjoy your outdoor paradise all year round.

Your porch swing, your style

Whether you prefer the rustic charm of the country house style or want to create a modern, elegant ambience - our custom-made cushions adapt perfectly to your individual style. Combine the foam thickness with one of the over 40 available colors to create a porch swing that is not only comfortable but also a real eye-catcher in your garden, balcony or terrace.
Pamper yourself and your loved ones with the ultimate seating comfort. Discover the different foam thicknesses for your custom-made porch swing cushions today and make your outdoor area a place where you can enjoy every moment.

Premium Fabric Selection

Your porch swing deserves not only outstanding seating comfort but also cushions that can withstand the stresses of everyday life. We place great emphasis on high-quality raw materials to beautify your outdoor oasis while making it durable and easy to maintain. That's why we are proud to present our fabric selection made of acrylic and polyester, which combine dirt and water repellent properties.

Acrylic and Polyester: Elegance meets Robustness

Our acrylic and polyester fabrics are an excellent choice if you are looking for a combination of style and robustness. These fabrics are available in a wide range of over 40 colors and give your porch swing an elegant touch. The best part? They are dirt and water repellent.
Dirt repellent: The protective surface of the acrylic fabrics repels dirt and stains, so your cushions always look immaculate even with intensive use.
Water repellent: Thanks to their water repellency, raindrops simply bead off instead of penetrating the fabric. Your cushions stay dry and ready to use, even after a summer rain.
If you have any further questions or suggestions about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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