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Privacy Screen

Anyone who lives in a multi-family home can certainly relate. As soon as you sit on the balcony space in the summer, you are often exposed to the neighbors' gaze. If you want to secure your privacy during outdoor stays, the perfect solution is installing privacy screens on the balcony. Standard size balcony privacy screens often do not serve their purpose because each balcony has individual dimensions. You can achieve optimal shielding and add privacy from unwanted insights into your life with custom-made privacy protection. We think that you deserve privacy on your balcony.

Discover Custom-Made Balcony Privacy Screen Cover in the Online Shop

When you shop in the GERMES online shop, you have a clear advantage: You receive a high-quality balcony screen for the balcony of your apartment that is perfectly tailored to your railing. As soon as you have attached the screen, you can do what you want without your fellow human beings noticing. With a custom-made balcony privacy screen, you have the peace of mind that activities such as eating or gatherings with friends really take place in a private setting.

Buy Custom-Made Privacy Protection - Your Benefits

It's worth ordering a privacy screen for the balcony with railing attachment in our online shop, as the custom-made product offers you several advantages:

  • Are you wondering what dimensions you should enter into the privacy protection configurator? To be on the safe side that the finished product really fits your balcony, you should read the measurement instructions before your purchase. In these, we go into detail on all possible customer questions.
  • If you believe that our measurement instructions do not answer your questions, we are also happy to advise you personally on the subject of custom-made privacy protection. Our team is open to your concerns and is available by email and phone to answer your questions competently.
  • We deliver your custom-made balcony privacy screen made of fabric including mounting material. The screen fabric is provided with eyelets and is attached to the railing using a cord or cable tie. This requires only a few steps and you can immediately enjoy your privacy.

Wind and Privacy Protection Balcony Fabric

Our custom-made balcony privacy protection is characterized by its durability and lightfastness. GERMES ensures this with a particularly robust material made of 100 percent acrylic fiber. As in all other product areas, we also rely on dralon for privacy protection. The material feels similar to cotton, but is much more resistant as well as UV-resistant and breathable.

Due to its properties, this balcony privacy protection fabric is also used for the production of carpets, outdoor and functional clothing. Dralon from our range has the advantage of being sealed with a dirt and water-repellent Teflon coating. Therefore, with a custom-made wind and privacy protection on the balcony, you are also prepared for rain showers and strong gusts of wind.

Due to the high UV resistance, your custom-made privacy protection also withstands strong sunlight for a long time. Choose your favorite color from a variety of colors and see its color intensity, which stays with you even in high summer heat. Since we know that colors can be distorted on the screen, we are happy to send you free fabric samples for custom-made balcony privacy protection before your order. Then you can decide which shade harmonizes best with your living ambiance.

Privacy Protection Balcony Screen Attachment Railing

As mentioned above, it's child's play to attach a privacy screen to the balcony railing. The mounting material is included and includes either a cord or cable ties - utensils that are also available in different colors. Together with the eyelets already sewn into the hem, attaching the privacy protection to your balcony is incredibly easy.

How can I make my balcony opaque?

To make your balcony opaque with privacy protection, you should know the necessary height. Maybe it's appropriate for your balcony privacy screen to be 80 cm high. But it may also be that this value is too low. A slight challenge that you can master with ease thanks to GERMES at your side: Our privacy protection can be implemented at a height between 30 and 150 cm, while the length can be between 50 and 1,000 cm.

For multi-sided balconies, you might wonder, isn't it complicated to manufacture a suitable cloth? The answer is: No. When measuring this variant, you just need to note that you need more fabric at the corners. To make multi-sided balconies opaque with a continuous covering, we advise you to determine the appropriate length for your privacy protection using a tape measure or a string.

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