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Measurement Instruction for Cable Tension Awnings

This measurement guide refers to the following product:

Our cable tension awnings can be installed in two ways:

  1. Between the rafters
  2. Below the rafters

Installation between the rafters

For installation between the rafters, we need the exact distance between the neighboring rafters:

Bahnbreite ermitteln bei Montage unter den Sparren

Very often the rafters are not always parallel to each other, as a result, the distance at different places varies. To determine the correct width of the track, we recommend measuring the distance at at least three to four locations depending on the length:

Bahnbreite an mehreren Punkten ermitteln bei Montage zwischen den Sparren

The smallest determined distance should be specified as the track width.

Installation under the rafters

For installation under the rafters, the field width corresponds to the distance from the respective center of the beam to the center of the next beam:

Bahnbreite ermitteln bei Montage unter den Sparren

Length of the shading track

The length is calculated including the cable tensioning device:

Bahnlänge ermitteln

From the entered length, we deduct a certain amount during manufacture, depending on the chosen cable tensioning device, so that after assembly the total length (shading track plus cable tensioner) corresponds to the entered dimension.

Appearance of the shading

The shading tracks can be made in two different appearances:

Taut appearance:

Beschattung in stramme Optik

And cloudy appearance:

Beschattung in Wolkenoptik

For the cloudy appearance, we add a bit more fabric to the length so that when extended, the sections hang down about 5 cm.

Cloudy appearance with slope

For patio roofs with a slope, we recommend taking the "cloud belt" option so that the cloudy appearance remains uniform along the entire length.

Without "cloud belt":

Wolkenoptik ohne Wolkengurt

With "cloud belt":

Wolkenoptik mit Wolkengurt

Various dimensions

Track length

The length of the shading tracks in the collapsed state can be calculated in our billing tool:

Tube distance

The distance between the tubes in the extended state is about 40 cm.

Valance height

The valance with the eyelet, at which the track is extended and retracted, has a height of 15 cm:


Cable distances

For the side cable tensioners, the distance between the cable and the rafters is 1.5 cm:

Abstand zwischen Seil und Sparren beim Seitenseilspannern

For angle mounting, the distance from the cable to the rafters can vary between 2 and 6.5 cm:

Abstand zwischen Seil und Sparren bei Winkelmontage

For fascia mounting, the distance from the cable to the rafters can be arbitrary, as long as the shading track hangs stably.

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