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Seat Cushions

 Seat cushions for even more seating...
Auf Stühlen, Gartenmöbeln und Bänken sorgen Sitzkissen für das Plus an Bequemlichkeit beim Sitzen. Sie geben dem Gesäß und dem Rücken einen komfortablen Halt und wärmen den Körper an kühleren Tagen im Garten. Damit Ihre Kissen perfekt zu Ihren Sitzmöbeln passen, produziert Germes Sitzkissen nach Maß. Während übertretende Enden bei vielen Modellen mit Standardmaßen stören, sind unsere Sitzkissen für Stühle und andere Möbelstücke perfekt auf Ihre Sitzgelegenheiten zugeschnitten.

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Das bestellte Sitzkissen mit Schlaufen passt perfekt und ist sehr ordentlich genäht.
Gerlinde M., 14.12.2022 Verified purchase
Trapez sitzkissen mit Schlaufe
Perfekter Sitz und gute Verarbeitung.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden.
Angelika A., 02.10.2023 Verified purchase
Ich bin glücklich mit meiner neuen Sitzauflage!!!!
Wir haben in der Küche einen kleinen Erker mit einer Bank. Die Sitzfläche ist nicht nur trapezförmig, sondern hat hat am Anfang noch einen geraden Verlauf!
Das Team von Germes hat das unkompliziert - wirklich toll umgesetzt!
Die Auflage passt perfekt! Vielen Dank! Susanne
Susanne F., 22.12.2023 Verified purchase
Sehr zu empfehlen!
Saubere Verarbeitung, rasche Lieferung!
Martin S., 13.11.2023 Verified purchase
Wunderbar, passt genau und sehr gute Qualität
Dietrich H., 11.11.2022 Verified purchase
präzise und hochwertig
hohe Maßgenauigkeit bei Maßanfertigungen und das Material wirkt sehr wertig. Absolut empfehlenswert und sein Geld wert! :-)
Ilka G., 15.02.2023 Verified purchase
Die Sitzkissen kamen in wunderbarer Qualität im angekündigten Lieferzeitraum an, vielen Dank!
Susanne T., 21.08.2023 Verified purchase
Passgenau & sehr gute Qualität
Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Maßanfertigung für unser Sitzfenster. 10cm Dicke sind eine bequeme Sitzpolsterung. Das von uns vorgegebene Maß wurde perfekt hergestellt. Der Stoff Nr. 9 (Cremeweiss) ist ein sehr hübscher Farbton.
Wibke R., 30.11.2023 Verified purchase
Sitzkissen 40 x 40 x 6 cm
Das Sitzkissen wird verwendet als Unterkissen im Bett unter dem Kopfkissen. Um die Höhe auszugleichen zwischen Schulter und Kopf. Dazu ist es sehr gut geeignet.
Uwe Z., 30.06.2023 Verified purchase

Seat cushions for even more seating comfort

A cozy seat is the key to a relaxed and pleasant living space - whether in the house or in the garden. Our custom-made seat cushions are the perfect addition to give your seating furniture not only style, but also unparalleled seating comfort. We understand that your home is more than just a place - it is your oasis, your retreat, and it should provide you with maximum enjoyment and relaxation. Our seat cushions are specially designed to optimize your seating experience and add a touch of luxury to your seating furniture. Immerse yourself in the world of ultimate seating comfort and discover how our custom-made seat cushions can elevate your living spaces to a new level of relaxation.

Chair cushions in a wide variety of fabric colors

We place great value not only on outstanding comfort, but also on stylish design and easy care. Our cushion covers are carefully made from high-quality material, including polyacrylic and polyester. These fabrics have been selected to ensure durability, softness, and easy care.

With an impressive selection of over 40 different colors, you can choose the cover fabric that perfectly matches your piece of furniture and your preferences. Whether you choose a subtle shade, a striking statement, or something in between - our color palette offers the right option for every taste and ambiance.

Another practical feature of our cushion covers is the integrated zipper. This not only allows for effortless adjustment of your cushions to different shapes, but also greatly facilitates cleaning. Simply remove the cover, wash it in the washing machine, and reattach it as needed - your seat cushion will always look fresh and immaculate.

Perfect padding: The heart of our seat cushions

Our custom-made seat cushions are carefully designed to provide you with the best possible seating comfort. We use only high-quality, firm gray foam with a density of RG 35/40 to ensure that your seat cushions are durable and supportive. This special foam provides the ideal mix of firmness and adaptability to optimize your seating.

To further enhance seating comfort and increase durability, we encase the foam core of our seat cushions with a thermo-fleece layer. This layer not only provides additional padding, but also ensures that the shape and structure of the cushion are maintained over time.

One special feature of our seat cushions is their versatility. They can be used not only as seat cushions, but also as back cushions. If you need softer back support, you can simply leave us a message. Then we can adjust the filling to the white foam, which has a density of RG 19/30.

We understand that comfort and adaptability are crucial when it comes to enjoying your seating area. With our high-quality filling and the ability to adjust the back cushions, we offer you the opportunity to design your seating comfort according to your wishes. Discover the quality and possibilities of our custom-made seat cushions.

Unique custom-made seat cushions: your seating, your choice

At our company, individuality is our top priority, and we are proud to offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly suit your needs. Our approach is simple: we make everything to measure and tailor your seat cushions exactly to the size of your furniture. We put the customer in the driver's seat to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

The process is straightforward. In our online shop, you have the opportunity to enter the dimensions of your furniture. Whether it's chairs, benches, sofas, or other seating, we accept the individual dimensions of your pieces of furniture. With this precise information, our team can produce custom-made seat cushions that fit your furniture perfectly.

The result? A seat cushion that not only provides maximum comfort, but is also seamlessly integrated into your existing interior. It's the perfect way to enhance your seating area and add a unique, personal element.

Care Instructions for Custom-Made Seat Cushions

To keep your seat cushions in perfect condition and provide you with years of enjoyment, proper care is crucial. We would like to give you some helpful tips on how to care for your custom-made seat cushions:

1. Stain Removal:

Over time, stains can occur. These can usually be easily removed with a damp cloth and soapy water. If the stains are a bit more stubborn, you can wash the covers in the washing machine at 30°. You can find more information about this here.

2. Protection from Sunlight:

Strong, direct sunlight can fade the colors of your cushion cover and damage the fabric fibers. If possible, protect your seat cushions from intense sunlight or use covers to cover them.

3. Replacement Covers:

Consider purchasing replacement covers. This allows you to maintain a clean and fresh look while you can clean or change a cover.

Proper care of your custom-made seat cushions ensures not only their longevity, but also your continued comfort. Remember, care requirements can vary depending on materials and use. By following these simple care instructions, you can ensure that your custom-made seat cushions are always in top condition and continue to beautify and enrich your seating area.

The different versions of our chair cushions

In our range, we have different models of seat cushions. We offer pads with standing seam, bridge seam, or quilted. Depending on the product, the filling is different. For example, we always use the white (slightly softer) foam with a density of RG 19/30 for the standing seam cushion. With the bridge seam, we use a firmer filling (foam with a density of RG 35/40). For the quilted versions, we have the following selection: the thicknesses 4 cm and 6 cm have a foam pad, which is covered with fleece. From a thickness of 8 cm, we sew a fleece bag, into which we fill foam flakes. The bag is then sewn shut and packed into the cover, after which the cushion is then quilted.

On the different cushions, you can sit or lean your back - our cushions can be used for any purpose. You can also use the cushion as a mattress cushion or as a seat cushion for the children's room.

Seat cushions for special occasions

Special moments deserve special attention, and designing your event down to the smallest detail can make a significant difference in the atmosphere and comfort. Our custom-made seat cushions offer an elegant way to make your celebrations and events even more memorable.

A touch of luxury:

Our custom-made seat cushions are not only extremely comfortable, but also an aesthetic delight. Choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics to create the perfect design that matches your special occasion. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or any other celebration - the right choice of seat cushions can transform the room into a stylish setting.

Relaxation for your guests:

One of the best ways to pamper your guests is through comfort. Our seat cushions not only provide a comfortable seating experience, but can also be used on hard garden chairs or benches to provide guests with a pleasant seating experience. They are the perfect solution to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and can enjoy the event.

Personalized Accents:

Take the opportunity to complement your seating area with personalized cushions. Add names, dates, or special messages to add a personal touch and impress your guests.

Practical and versatile:

Our seat cushions are not only suitable for indoor use. If your special occasion takes place outdoors, they are still an excellent choice. The high-quality materials of our outdoor cushions and careful construction make them durable and weather-resistant.

Whether it's a formal gala, an informal picnic, or any other type of special occasion, our custom-made seat cushions offer the ideal way to provide your guests with luxury and comfort. They are not only functional, but also contribute to an unforgettable atmosphere that makes your event distinctive.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and how we can contribute to making your special occasion even more special. We look forward to turning your visions into reality and helping you create unforgettable memories.

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