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Measurement Instruction for Cable Tension Sun Sails

This measurement guide refers to the following product:

  • Cable tension sun sail (Link)

Our cable tension sun sails can be mounted in two ways:

  1. Between the rafters
  2. Under the rafters

Mounting between the rafters

When mounting between the rafters, the exact distance (clear dimension) between the adjacent rafters must be determined:

Sonnensegelbreite ermitteln bei Montage zwischen den Sparren

Very often the rafters are not always parallel to each other, so the distance varies at different points. To determine the correct width of the track, we recommend measuring the distance at at least three to four points, depending on the length:

Bahnbreite an mehreren Punkten ermitteln bei Montage zwischen den Sparren

The distance determined as the largest is to be specified as the sun sail track width.

Please note - the larger the difference between the widest and narrowest point, the more the tracks sag in the middle at narrow points.

Mounting under the rafters

When mounting under the rafters, the field width corresponds to the distance from the respective center of the beam to the center of the next beam:

Sonnensegelbreite ermitteln bei Montage unter den Sparren

Length of the shading track

The length is calculated including the cable tensioning device:

Feldlänge ermitteln

10 cm is deducted from the entered length during production for the cable tensioners, so that after assembly the total length (shading track plus cable tensioner) corresponds to the entered dimension.

Fabric allowance

The shading tracks can be manufactured in two different optics, shown schematically here:

Tightly tensioned:

Beschattung in stramme Optik


Beschattung in Wolkenoptik

For wavy variants, we add 10% more fabric for the length, so that a wave optic is created in the extended state.

Edge and rope distance

The distance between the rope and the rafters is 1.5 cm and between the sun sail edge and the rafters 2 cm:

Seil- und Sonnensegelrandabstände

Runner hook distances

The distance between run hooks can be between 20 and 30 cm. For the tightly tensioned variant, we recommend 20 cm and for the "wavy" variant 30 cm distance:


This value is approximate. Since the running hook distances have to be evenly distributed over the entire length, this distance varies somewhat from the selected value.

With our online calculator, you can determine the exact distance between the running hooks.

First attach the front and rear running hooks (LOWER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS) and measure the distance between them.

Enter this value in the "final hook distance" field and select the desired distance:

Final hook distance (cm):
Desired hook distance:
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