Outdoor blackout curtains

Designt, entwickelt und hergestellt in Deutschland
  • Outdoor-Vorhang nach Maß blickdicht
  • Aus Outdoor-Stoff Dralon
  • Verschiedene Ausführungen
  • Kompatibel für fast alle Aufhängungsarten
  • Viele Extras
  • Viele Farben und Designs
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Outdoor-Vorhang nach Maß aus blickdichtem Outdoor-Stoff Dralon

Unsere blickdichten Outdoorvorhänge nach Maß werden aus dem hochwertigen Outdoorstoff Dralon angefertigt. Der Stoff ist atmungsaktiv und gleichzeitig schmutz- und wasserabweisend (dank seiner Teflonbeschichtung).

Die Outdoorvorhänge sind nahezu mit allen Aufhänge-Systemen kompatibel - Seilaufhängung, Gardinenrohr, Führungsschienen usw.

Bestellen Sie gleich passendes Aufhangsystem

Zudem können unsere Outdoorvorhänge mit vielen Extras ausgestattet werden - z.B. Raffhalter, Bleiband im unteren Saum, Ösen am gewünschten Saumrand sowie verstärkte wasserfeste Magnete (die Magnete kann man für die Wäsche problemlos entnehmen), die zwei benachbarte Outdoorvorhänge kinderleicht verbinden.

Unsere blickdichten Outdoor-Vorhänge können auf Terrassen, Balkonen oder im Freiem eingesetzt werden.

Dralon - Premium Outdoor Fabric

Thanks to its excellent properties, Dralon fabrics are used in many areas (indoors and outdoors, sportswear and workwear, fashion industry, baby and children's clothes, etc.).

Indoors, the fabric is used for blankets, furniture, upholstery and curtains, as well as carpets and table linen.

Outdoors, Dralon fabrics particularly show off their advantages. Brilliant colors, easy care, UV resistance and a pleasant feel comparable to cotton fabric. At the same time, Dralon fabric is very durable and long-lasting. Dralon® is well equipped against mold and bacterial attack.

The fabric exhibits the following properties:

  • Lightweight and wool-like material
  • Durable and breathable
  • Resistant to abrasion and sweat
  • Easy care
  • UV resistant
  • Stain protection through Teflon coating (dirt and water repellent)
  • Does not shrink after washing

The Dralon fabric has a high degree of color fastness. More information on light fastness can be found here
Despite the Teflon coating (stain protection), the Dralon fabric is breathable - in the upholstery area, this prevents sweating and in the sun protection area, it prevents the formation of condensation and therefore mold.

Dralon® – high-quality outdoor fabric made of 100% acrylic.
Here are the technical data
Teflon coating – dirt and water repellent.
Healthwise harmless, equips the fabric with stain protection.
High light fastness – depending on the color, light fastness factor of 5 to 7
Here are the technical data
Best CO2 balance worldwide in the production of acrylic fibers
Extremely low water consumption in production (ONLY 0.07% compared to the production of cotton fabric).
Durable and sustainable – 100% recyclable and 90% less production waste in the spinning process.
Highest quality – Dralon fibers made in Germany!
All our Dralon fabrics are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 (MADE IN GREEN)

Care Instructions for Outdoor Curtains

Care for Outdoor Curtains made from Dralon:

  • Remove curtain hanging utensils (carabiners, rollers etc.)
  • The curtains can be washed without problems with lead tape
  • Remove the waterproof magnets from the side seams
  • Wash the curtains at 40°C on a gentle cycle, without fabric softener in the washing machine
  • Do not bleach, please use regular laundry detergent
  • Soak heavily soiled curtains briefly
  • Hang up the curtains directly after washing in a damp state - this way the curtain retains its shape
  • Avoid dryer (if necessary - only use at low temperature)
  • Fabric is ironable at 150°C
Max. wash temperature - 40 °C. Only fill the washing machine half full. Set easy-care washing program. Do not spin or only spin briefly.
Do not bleach. Only use bleach-free detergents (e.g. color detergent). Use stain removal agents with caution and only in concealed places.
Iron on medium level. Highest ironing temperature - 150 °C. Iron with damp cloth or with steam. Avoid strong pressing and distortions.
No dry / chemical cleaning. Do not use solvents. Do not use solvent-based cleaning agents for stain removal.
Gentle drying. Use dryer with caution. Set appropriate program for gentle drying. Max. temperature 60 °C.

This product perfectly complements our cable tension awning:

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Doch kurze Zeit später kam ein kurzer Anruf aus dem Team, alles schnell abgestimmt und wir waren entspannt! Heute ist alles geliefert und passt perfekt. Danke liebes Germes-Team.

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