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Commercial Customers

We manufacture many different exclusive products in our own production facility in Northern Germany. You will get the best products at the best conditions from us.

Who is a partnership with us suitable for?

1. You are an online shop operator or a dealer in the outdoor living area and distribute the following products:

  • Patio Furniture
  • Sun protection
  • Privacy screens

2. You are a patio builder or a dealer in this area and distribute the following products:

  • Patio roofs
  • Sun protection for patios
  • Privacy screens for patios

3. You are an online shop operator or a dealer in the indoor equipment area and distribute furniture for interior decoration.

4. You are a specialist dealer in the field of caravans, motorhomes or yachts.

5. You are a service provider in the field of interior and exterior furnishing.

Why should you apply to us as a dealer?

We offer the best dealer service and unique handmade products that you will not find anywhere else in the German-speaking area!

See for yourself! Here, a short excerpt of our services:

  • Personal contact person
  • No minimum purchase
  • No hidden costs or fees
  • Direct delivery to the end customer in your name (dropshipping)
  • No initial order obligation at the start of the partnership
  • Display of prices exclusive of VAT
  • Prices for large orders on request
  • Free delivery within Germany

How does dropshipping work?

With dropshipping, the supplier/wholesaler or manufacturer delivers directly to the end customer in the name of the seller. The delivery is in neutral packaging, so it looks like the ordered products were delivered directly by the seller.

The entire process looks like this:

  1. You offer our products to your customers in your online shop, for example.
  2. The customer orders the goods from you.
  3. You order the same goods from us in the shop at your conditions or send us an XML file.
  4. We issue you an invoice, which you should pay within a week.
  5. We manufacture and ship these directly to your customer in neutral packaging with your sender address. So that it is not apparent to customers that the delivery did not come from you.

The advantages of this type of cooperation:

  • You do not need to store any goods
  • You have nothing to do with the production
  • You have nothing to do with the logistics
  • You offer your customers a unique service - exclusive products made to measure, made in Germany in top quality.

How to become a Germes dealer?

Very simple! In two steps to a dealer:

  1. Create an account in our shop -> Register
  2. Fill in the form below and send the data together with your trade registration to us.

That's it! After successful verification of the data, you will be activated in our shop.

You will then receive a discount level and access to the protected dealer area with many useful content and documents.

Apply to us as a dealer with our application form:

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