Measurement instructions for Wall Cushions

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Our wall cushions, such as bed headboards or wall pillows, consist of a cushioned section and an eyelet strip.

The measurements entered in the configurator pertain to the cushioned section; the 4 cm wide eyelet strip is added to it.

Vermessung der Wandkissen

As a means of fastening our wall cushions, we offer wall buttons made of stainless steel for attaching them to the wall.

For a thickness of 4 to 6 cm, the eyelet strip is integrated in the center. Starting from a thickness of 8 cm, the eyelet strip is sewn directly onto the backside of the cushion. The following image serves for better illustration:

Ösenleiste bei Wandkissen

The eyelets incorporated into the eyelet strip have an inner diameter of 16 mm.

A bed headboard can be quilted with fabric-matching cushion buttons upon request.

The quantity and positions of the individual cushion buttons are determined uniquely for each custom-made wall cushion. This results in a perfect overall appearance and can look as follows:

Vermessung den Betthaupt

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