Weatherproof cushions

Wasserdichten Polster

Unsere eigens entwickelten GERMES wasserdichten Polster sind etwas ganz Besonderes! Von außen fühlt sich unser Stoff sehr weich an und überzeugt durch seine angenehme wollähnliche Haptik. Von innen ist dieser jedoch mit einer Polyethylen-Beschichtung (PE) überzogen, die dafür sorgt, dass von außen überhaupt keine Flüssigkeiten oder Feuchtigkeit ins Innere eintreten kann.

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Sehr gute Qualität - Wasserdichte Bankauflage-Sitzkissen nach Maß
Die Ware ist, wie beschrieben, gut verpackt und fristgerecht eingegangen. Die Auflagen sehen wertig aus und entsprechen unseren Erwartungen.
Sehr zu empfehlen.
Iris W., 26.07.2023 Verified purchase
Sehr schöne Verarbeitung. Wir werden es diesen Winter schätzen lernen, da bin ich überzeugt!
Françoise G., 20.11.2023 Verified purchase

Custom Weatherproof Cushions

Our specially developed custom GERMES waterproof outdoor cushions are truly exceptional! On the outside, our waterproof fabrics feel very soft and boast a comfortable wool-like texture. However, on the inside, it is coated with a polyethylene (PE) layer that ensures no liquids or moisture can penetrate from the outside.

Our custom water-resistant cushions have been designed to prevent liquids and general humidity from penetrating the interior of the cushion, while still allowing the cushion's interior to breathe. These specially designed cushions also feature the memory effect, which comes into play during use.

Crafted with precision, these premium water-resistant cushions are stitched using a fine, slim needle and specialized waterproof thread. The waterproof thread swells upon contact with liquids or moisture, completely sealing the tiny stitch holes created during the sewing process, ensuring no moisture enters the interior of the waterproof cushion.

Adequate air circulation is ensured as well. Despite their waterproof functionality, our cushions are designed to breathe. Hidden air outlets allow air to escape when seated upon and then drawn back in as you rise from the cushion, utilizing the memory function of the foam, which regains its original shape after use and draws air autonomously. Without these concealed air outlets, the seams of the cushion might not withstand the pressure of sitting (like how a balloon reacts to pressure).

In developing our waterproof cushions, we've focused on minimizing the number of seams across the entire cushion. This reduces the vulnerable points for the entry of liquids and moisture.

All our cushions are renowned for their outstanding comfort and stable firmness due to the increased rubberized content in the foam. Often in the outdoor cushion segment, cushions with water-repellent or waterproof properties use an open-cell foam that allows incoming liquids or moisture to pass through. However, these foams are often too soft and lack the necessary comfort and firmness. Thus, we actively chose to avoid such foam and utilize the specialized PU coating on the fabric to directly repel moisture and prevent it from entering the interior.

In this product, we combine the best of both worlds: the comfort of indoor cushions with complete protection against dripping wetness and humidity perfect for outdoor use.

Furthermore, our fabric boasts top ratings in terms of lightfastness, scoring between 6 and 8 on a scale of 1 to 8. This fabric is excellently shielded against UV rays, offering maximum resistance to fading.

Additionally, the fabric's extremely high abrasion resistance of 80,000 rubs is particularly noteworthy, making it great for professional use in gastronomy, hotels, maritime settings, and public sectors such as schools, kindergartens, train stations, airports, etc. This attribute measures how durable the fabric is against abrasion.

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