Velvet pillow for wall - custom wall cushion

Designt, entwickelt und hergestellt in Deutschland
  • Dimensions: Customizable.
  • Color: Choice of 10 velvet fabrics.
  • Fabric: Velvet - 100,000 double rub count.
  • Optional stainless steel mounting.
  • Various thicknesses available.
  • Customizable design.
  • Embroidery and textile printing options available.

Width (cm)
between 30cm and 400cm
Height (cm)
between 30cm and 120cm
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incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
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Velvet Wall Cushions - Luxurious, Trendy, and Practical!

Our custom-made velvet wall cushions are lovingly handcrafted to order based on your specifications. Special requests, such as embroidery or unconventional shapes, are no trouble due to the custom size of each batch.These velvet wall cushions look incredibly luxurious. The velvet fabric is rated for 100,000 rub cycles, which is truly unique in the market. The covers are virtually indestructible.Thanks to their filling (soft foam wrapped in thermal fleece), the velvet wall cushions are very comfortable and excellent as a backrest for a bench or as a headboard for your bed.Our velvet wall cushions are also ideal for use as wall protection for children's beds.If you want quilted wall cushions with upholstery buttons (which look very elegant with velvet covers), please check out our headboard sections.All velvet covers come with a zipper, making it easy to remove the filling and thus clean the cover (not applicable for quilted versions, as the quilting is firmly sewn). This way, the wall cushion retains its high quality over time.The velvet wall cushions are made from ecological materials (EU certification) and produced in Germany (Westoverledingen).

How to measure your wall cushion correctly:

The dimensions width (height) and length refer to the filled wall cushions, with the 4 cm (1.57 inches) wide eyelet strip included.

Securely mount wall cushions with stainless steel wall buttons:

For mounting our wall cushions, we recommend our stainless steel wall buttons, which can be installed directly on the wall using the provided hanger bolts.The velvet wall cushions with stainless steel fixtures are very elegant.

Choose the right number of buttons for secure support:

For a reliable grip of our velvet wall cushions, we recommend the following number of stainless steel wall buttons (should you opt for fewer stainless steel buttons, we cannot guarantee against sagging and stable hold):
  • For wall cushions up to 74 cm (29.13 inches) wide - 2 x stainless steel wall buttons
  • For wall cushions from 75 to 124 cm (29.53 to 48.82 inches) wide - 3 x stainless steel wall buttons
  • For wall cushions from 125 to 174 cm (49.21 to 68.50 inches) wide - 4 x stainless steel wall buttons
  • For wall cushions from 175 to 224 cm (68.90 to 88.19 inches) wide - 5 x stainless steel wall buttons
  • For wall cushions from 225 to 274 cm (88.58 to 107.87 inches) wide - 6 x stainless steel wall buttons
  • For wall cushions from 275 to 324 cm (108.27 to 127.56 inches) wide - 7 x stainless steel wall buttons

Filling Raw Materials

  • Seat: Foam RG - 35/40
  • Back: Foam RG - 19/30
  • Thermo Fleece: 0,5 cm / 0.2 inch thickness - 50 gr/m²
  • Thermo Fleece: 1,5 cm / 0.6 inch thickness - 150 gr/m²

Filling Texture

  • 1.6 inch / 4 cm variant corresponds to 1.6 inch / 4 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.2 inch / 0,5 cm fleece
  • 2.4 inch / 6 cm variant corresponds to 2.4 inch / 4 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
  • 3.2 inch / 8 cm variant corresponds to 2.4 inch / 6 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
  • 3.9 inch / 10 cm variant corresponds to 3.2 inch / 8 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
  • 4.7 inch / 12 cm variant corresponds to 3.9 inch / 10 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
  • 5.5 inch / 14 cm variant corresponds to 4.7 inch / 12 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
  • 6.3 inch / 16 cm variant corresponds to 5.5 inch / 14 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
  • 7 inch / 18 cm variant corresponds to 6.3 inch / 16 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
  • 7.9 inch / 20 cm variant corresponds to 7 inch / 18 cm foam, encased with 2 x 0.6 inch / 1,5 cm fleece
Filling for box cushions

Velvet - a noble fabric with unique properties

Our velvet fabric is mainly used indoors, but can also be used very well in a covered and dry outdoor environment.

Velvet gives your entire ambiance a noble look and greatly enhances the surroundings. In addition, this fabric is very durable and very practical to handle.

Thanks to the excellent technical properties of this fabric, our products made from this fabric are virtually indestructible.

The velvet fabric has the following properties:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Weight - 380g/m²
  • Abrasion resistance (Martindale) - >100,000 (Unique!!!)
  • Pilling resistance - 5 out of max. 5 (DIN EN ISO 12945-2)
  • Rubbing fastness - 5 out of max. 5 (DIN EN ISO 105-X12)
  • Lightfastness - 5 out of max. 8 (DIN EN ISO 105-B02)

Since the velvet fabric is generally not exposed to direct UV radiation, the lightfastness value of 5 (max. 8) is absolutely sufficient for its purpose. More information on lightfastness can be found here
This fabric is breathable and fire retardant, passing the cigarette test according to DIN EN 1021-1 with flying colors. Due to its excellent technical properties, our velvet fabric is very often used in the upholstery furniture industry.

Velvet Fabric – high-quality indoor fabric made of 100% polyester.
Here are the technical data
Very high abrasion resistance (Martindale) - unique 100,000
No other velvet fabric can compete with this.
Maximum pilling resistance - 5 out of max. 5 (according to DIN EN ISO 12945-2)
Here is the explanation of pilling resistance
Maximum rubbing fastness - 5 out of max. 5 (according to DIN EN ISO 12945-2)
Here is the explanation of rubbing fastness
High lightfastness – lightfastness factor 5
Here is the explanation of lightfastness
Fire retardant
Fire safety standard BS 5852 Part 1 - Cigarette Test - PASS
Fire safety standard DIN EN 1021-1 - Cigarette Test - PASS
High level of environmental protection through the use of new technologies in the production process
Highest quality – All our velvet fabrics are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 (MADE IN GREEN)

Care Instructions for Velvet Covers

Care for removable covers:

  • Remove the inlay and close the zipper
  • Wash the cover at 30°C in the delicate cycle, without fabric softener in the washing machine
  • Do not bleach, please use commercial detergent
  • Soak heavily soiled items briefly
  • Put the covers back on immediately after washing while they are still damp - this way the pad retains its shape
  • Do not use a dryer
  • Dry flat
  • Do not iron the velvet fabric

Care for quilted cushions:

  • Vacuum house dust at low suction power with a soft upholstery nozzle
  • Clean light dirt with a damp cloth
  • Clean heavy dirt with a neutral soap solution. To do this, apply the solution to a clean cloth, work in circular motions from the outside in, and then smooth out
Max. washing temperature - 30 °C. Only fill the washing machine halfway. Set to "Delicates" wash program. Do not spin.
Do not bleach. Only use bleach-free detergents (e.g., color detergent). Use stain removers with caution and only apply to concealed areas.
Do not iron
Do not use a dryer
Professional textile care - dry cleaning in gentle treatment with perchloroethylene
Dry flat only

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