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Upholstered bed headboards

05.05.2022 / Advisor
Upholstered bed headboards  - Bed backs - learn more in the guide | GERMES

Upholstered bed headboards give your bedroom that extra touch of coziness. Wall cushions with soft velvet covers, available in numerous appealing colors, look especially luxurious. A practical alternative to the velvet cushion is our custom-made wall pillows with stainless steel attachments. They're also an eye-catcher, very comfortable, and excellent for use as backrests.

Upholstered bed headboards thus provide added comfort when you sit up and lean against the wall. They protect you perfectly from the cold of the masonry when sitting and warm the back. All other important information about our high-quality bed headboards can be found here in our GERMES Infothek.

Bed headboards – a combination of protection and style.

Wall cushions for beds, especially in children's rooms, serve as wall protection. At the same time, they offer a great opportunity to customize sleeping areas. You can find wall padding and cushions in a variety of colors and shapes. If you wish, we can deliver handmade bed headboards with unique embroidery designs, which you can commission from us in advance. Decorative cushion buttons also make it a breeze to express your personal style. We also quilt wall cushions, creating tasteful, stylish patterns within the padding.

When it comes to protection, children can be particularly demanding. Imagine little ones playing carefreely on the bed, jumping on the mattress, kicking, and knocking against the walls.

Perhaps they might even pick at the wallpaper, throw building blocks against the wall, or drive toy cars on it. Without wall padding, daily play would quickly leave unsightly marks. But with bed backrests, not only can you prevent scratches and dents, but the soft padding also protects your child should they lose their balance in the heat of the moment.

Practical tip for people in need of care: Our wall cushions can also be made with waterproof fabric, making them suitable for use in the shower. This offers those in need of care the opportunity to lean against a soft wall cushion while showering, without having to touch the cold tiles.

Bed Headboards: Your Benefits

Padded bed headboards offer the following benefits, which we have succinctly listed for you below:

  • Decoration
  • Expression of personal style
  • Soft backrest or head support
  • Cold protection for the body
  • Wall protection from wear and tear

Bed Headboards at GERMES

In our collection, you'll discover custom-made wall cushions with stainless steel fittings. But that's not all: At GERMES, you'll also find quilted headboard pieces with cushion buttons and velvet bed headboards. We lovingly handcraft each model to the dimensions you provide to our team when ordering.

The customizable covers are filled with soft foam encased in thermal fleece. This has a warming effect, ensuring you have a comfortably warm cushion against colder wall temperatures. For the smooth versions, you have the option to remove the velvet covers with a zipper and machine wash at 86°F without spinning.

If you opt for a quilted version with cushion buttons, it's not possible to remove the covers. For light soiling, you can wipe the shiny 100% polyester velvet with a damp cloth. For heavier dirt, a neutral soap solution works best. We recommend applying the solution to a clean cloth and using circular motions, working from the outside in.

A sturdy alternative to the luxurious velvet cover is our bed headboards with durable Dralon fabric covers. Dralon is made from acrylic fibers and has a soft, wool-like texture. Because the fabric is very UV-resistant, breathable, and sweat-resistant, it's considered a typical outdoor fabric.

Dralon is also used in the manufacture of sportswear, workwear, curtains, and carpets due to its durability. Our covers for wall cushions have an additional Teflon coating that reliably repels dirt and water. At the same time, Dralon impresses with its color brilliance and lightfastness. So if you desire bed headboards for sunlit rooms, the covers will retain their intense color.

Quilted versions with cushion buttons are available for Dralon, just as with the velvet headboards. Here, you can clean the entire cushion at 86°F without fabric softener on a gentle cycle. For more significant soiling, we advise soaking it briefly. However, our quilted wall cushions aren't suitable for tumble dryers.

Whether you choose velvet or Dralon covers for your GERMES bed headboards, we add a personal touch to both models according to your preferences. These fabrics are suitable for textile printing and embroidery. For example, do you want your child's name printed on the wall cushion for their room? We'll gladly fulfill your special request and embroider the bed headboards with designs. Think of decorative ornaments, flowers, or animal figures.

As customizable as the wall cushions are, so too are the dimensions of the bed headboards. When ordering, you can specify any measurements for height and width within a possible range. For instance, if you wish to purchase a wall cushion with a stainless-steel fitting, the width can range from 30 to 400 cm. For height, we can accomplish between 30 and 120 cm.

Another customizable aspect of your bed headboard is its thickness, which can be up to 12 cm. We also equip your new cushion with stainless steel buttons for wall mounting. You can specify the number of buttons during the ordering process or choose to have no fixtures at all. Matching the stainless-steel buttons are the included stud bolts, which can be mounted directly to the wall. On each product page, we offer tips on how many wall buttons you'll need for the bed headboards.

Before your purchase, we're happy to send you fabric samples in up to five colors. This way, you can take your time at home to decide which shade best fits your bedroom.

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