Cable Shade Installation - A Simple Guide

30.06.2022 / Advisor
Cable Shade Installation - A Simple Guide - ᐅ Cable awning installation made easy - Instructions I GERMES

Hardly anything is more beautiful than spending a summer day in the fresh air. It can almost be described as an instinct that drives people to replenish their vitamin D stores in good weather and thus move any pending work outside as much as possible.

In order not to risk getting sunstroke after a short time and having to retreat to a dark room, retractable shade sails are the perfect shade providers and uv protection for your outdoor living space. The installation and mounting of cable tension awnings is not a complex undertaking and can be done by laymen with a few tips and no prior knowledge.

Our retractable shade sails can be installed without having to drill unsightly holes in the house wall and, thanks to the individual sizes as desired, adapt to any terrace and any outdoor lounge area. This guide supports you with useful tips for mounting our cable tension awnings, which you can order in the online configurator according to your desired specifications.

Whether you prefer a taut look of the retractable sunshade or imagine an airy cloud look for your sun protection - the slide wire cable awnings from GERMES do not require complicated mounting by third-party companies but can be easily installed in a step-by-step assembly.

Don't be falsely shy: You too can install cable tension awnings!

If you want to give your outdoor space a new look, you've come to the right place. Even if you are still looking for suitable sun protection shortly before the season, which promises you and your guests cozy summer afternoons in pleasant shade, you can rely on the quality of GERMES.

Our slide wire cable awnings can be easily attached in a surprisingly short time and convince with individuality and flexibility. You don't have to worry or be afraid of the professional assembly of our custom-made cable shades, because thanks to the easy-to-understand instructions, even laymen and absolute garden newcomers can shade their terrace to their heart's content.

So, when attaching the cable shade, there is no need for false shyness - every pergola, terrace or winter garden can be ideally shaded with our cable tension awnings in a beautiful look. The tensioning of the cables and the attachment of the awning tracks is largely self-explanatory, all pending questions are clarified by suitable instructions including diagrams.

However, if you ever need reassurance regarding the assembly and attachment of your cable tension awning, our staff will be happy to provide you with personal advice. Compared to articulated awnings or a fully automatic folding awning, our cable tension awnings are both cheaper and more flexible and much more individual. There are no limits to your dream outdoor area.

Pleasantly simple installation without drilling with the assembly set for cable tension awnings

To make the attachment of the cable tension awnings as simple as possible and to enable quick assembly without drilling in all conceivable outdoor areas, each awning we produce is delivered with its own assembly set. So, you save yourself the trip to the local hardware store to go in search of the right tool. We provide everything you need to precisely and professionally attach the cable tension awning on your terrace, including detailed instructions.

With the help of slides and hangers, the cable tension awnings are attached to the cable, which is previously tensioned to the desired length. The advantage of mounting our cable tension awnings is that the fabric panels and all other accessories are precisely adapted to the dimensions of your outdoor area. The shading panels made of Dralon fabric, which is available from us in over fifty different colors and patterns, are always delivered according to the dimensions you specified online with sufficient polyester rope and sliders, so you don't have to fear any annoying surprises when mounting our quality awnings.

The assembly set enables our customers to attach the ropes and attach the cable tension awning without drilling on their own and to enjoy shading without compromises with little effort.

Assembly of cable tension awnings between the rafters

The attachment of the cable tension awning between the rafters is one of the most common assembly variants, which is used in a variety of ways on terraces and outdoor areas of all kinds. In addition to the included assembly kit, you can also call up further instructions for attaching the cable tension awnings between the rafters online on our website and follow the child's play assembly step by step.

Using a standard cable tensioner, the awning is attached to the fascia board of the rafter construction. First, you attach the screw hooks to the relevant front side to fasten the rope on which the awning will later run, parallel to the rafters. Then, one end of the rope is attached to the screw hook and fixed with a rope lock, while the other end is connected to the cable tensioner, and this is hung in the screw hook.

After the rope has been tensioned, you attach the sliders, which have already been included in the necessary number in your assembly set and can then already attach the aluminum tubes of the cable tension awning in the sliders. Please note that the sliders and aluminum tubes are deliberately difficult to connect to prevent the cable tension awning from accidentally falling out of its attachment after assembly. To attach the aluminum frames more easily, you can use some soap as a helper and thus attach the cable tension awning smoothly.

Assembly of cable tension awnings under the rafters

If you prefer the attachment of the cable tension awning under the rafters of your terrace roof, the assembly here is also extremely simple and clear, so that even laymen can attach the awning without problems. The included assembly set contains mostly identical components for attachment.

Only the side cable tensioners and stoppers differ from attaching the cable tension awning between the rafters. The mentioned parts replace the screw hooks and standard cable tensioners in this type of attachment. The visual representation of the detailed instructions quickly makes it clear why the attachment of standard cable tensioners is not possible when mounting the awning under the rafters. More about mounting the side cable tensioners later.

The stoppers, which must be attached to both ends of the cable tension awning, differ little in their construction from the sliders mentioned above. Only an Allen screw ensures that the stopper is fixed to the cable ends. The cable tension awning with the aluminum tubes is clipped in at the stoppers identically to the sliders. Both with this type of attachment of the cable tension awning, and with the assembly between the rafters, cable ties should be used at the movable end of the awning to secure the slides to the rope.

The movable end of the shading track is the part of the cable tension awning that is flexibly opened and closed to allow sunlight as desired. A sensitive tightening of the cable ties allows you to continue to move the sliders flexibly on the rope and prevents unwanted slipping of the cable tension awning, even with relatively large mounting angles.

Attachment of the side cable tensioners for your cable tension awnings

All variants of the attachment of the cable tension awning, where no screw hooks and standard cable tensioners can be used, rely on practical side cable tensioners. To attach these, the U-frames are drilled into the rafter construction. Since the cable tension awning is only attached to the components of your outdoor area, you can do without drilling into house walls during assembly.

Compared to other available awning models, this is a significant advantage and enables laymen and DIY enthusiasts to easily attach the assembly set and the included instructions including diagrams. After the U-frames have been attached, the side cable tensioner is inserted through the larger hole in the frame, which must point inwards, i.e. towards the cable tension awning to be attached.

Within the U-frame, the rope, along which the awning will later run, is fixed with a screw and tightened tightly, so that there is no danger of slipping out in daily use of the awning. The hex screw located on the side tensioner causes the rope to be tensioned, after carefully attaching all parts of the side tensioner, the entire mechanism is elegantly closed by the included cover.

This gives you an elegant ambience, which does not lose any of its charm even when looking at the details, while all functional parts of the cable tension awning are optimally protected from corrosion and weather. Optics and operation go hand in hand here and allow a luxurious appearance after easy attachment of the cable tension awning using the assembly set.

Cable tension awnings from GERMES: Easy attachment, long-term pleasure

In the manufacture of our cable tension awning, which is available online according to your dimensions and requirements, we rely on the highest quality standards and long-lasting materials. The easy-to-install cable tension awning is complemented by the outstanding Dralon fabric, which has excellent material properties for outdoor use, to an unbeatable price-performance ratio that is unparalleled in the awning sector in general.

Even before you make a purchase from us online, we provide you with helpful information regarding the correct measurement of your terrace or pergola. This ensures that after the delivery of your new cable tension awning, you can start assembling immediately, as all components can be attached to fit according to the individual dimensions. As we are constantly striving for innovation of our products, we are also happy to accept special constructions according to your personal wishes.

Feel free to contact us at any time if you want to enhance your outdoor area by attaching a custom-made cable tension awning. From the measurement, over the assembly of the cable tensioners to the clipping of the aluminum tubes, we are at your disposal if you should ever have questions that go beyond our detailed explanations. Cable tension awnings from GERMES are the long-lasting extension of summer that allows you to enjoy the fresh air to your heart's content even on changeable days after easy assembly without drilling.

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