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Patio cover with sun protection: The perfect addition for more time outdoors

01.02.2023 Advisor
Patio cover with sun protection: The perfect addition for more time outdoors - Magazine - Patio cover with sun protection | GERMES

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors but avoid it during the hottest times of the day? Then patio covers with sun protection are a perfect addition to your outdoor living space. A patio roof can provide you with shade and protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. In this blog post, we introduce you to the different products of shades and patio roofs and explain how they can beautify your outdoor area.

A patio roof is a great way to enhance the value of your home while providing protection from the sun and rain.

Gather your family or friends and enjoy the great outdoors under your patio roof with sun protection. Patio roof shading is perfect for enjoying a few rays of sunlight without worrying about harmful UV radiation and annoying raindrops. Patio roofs with sun protection are an excellent way to make your home inviting and increase its value - not to mention, they're also stylish! With patio roofs , you can choose between many different sizes, types, and colors: whether wood, aluminum, glass, metal, etc., there is something suitable for everyone. If you have put together a patio roof , you have the option of choosing sun protection under the rafters or between the rafters when shading. You also need to precisely determine the length and width for your sun protection . You can then simply let us know the dimensions when you buy and order the awnings.

Patio roofs are available in various materials, including aluminum, wood, polycarbonate, and glass, so you can choose the covering that best suits your needs.

There are a variety of materials for patio roofs , so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Aluminum is known for its durability; polycarbonate offers a lot of transparency and energy efficiency. Regardless of which material you choose, patio covers are an ideal way to extend the usability of your outdoor area. With the products, you have a good selection of different colors, such as anthracite. In a configurator, you can also enter the size individually. This is very convenient because you have it in your hands to order the height and width for your patio.

The installation of the patio roof is simple and can be carried out by anyone with basic DIY skills.

The construction of patio roofs is not as laborious as one might think. If you have basic DIY skills, anyone can do this in a few steps. With the right instructions and the right tools and materials, the assembly is a breeze. The installation of the patio roof does not have to be time-consuming or difficult if you have all the necessary materials at hand. So, it's a simple project that requires little effort even for inexperienced DIYers but can still deliver important and satisfying results.

A patio roof not only increases the value of your house or your terrace but also makes it more pleasant to spend time outdoors.

Awnings can be a great addition to any home. They not only instantly increase the value of your home but also make it more pleasant to enjoy the outdoor area for longer periods. If you want to use a patio roof not attached to your house wall but freestanding as a pergola , you can also find a suitable product here. You can set up a pergola anywhere in your garden. The advantages of such a roof are that you can attach awnings and open and close them as you wish. So you can decide whether you want to sunbathe or prefer to stay in the shade.

The perfect sun protection for your patio cover

Of course, there are many different options for shading. One solution could be the cable tension awning. The awning consists of several panels and can be mounted between the rafters or also below the rafters. The nice thing about this shading is that you can play with the colors. There are no limits to the design; theoretically, you could get each panel in a different color. It is important that you enter the correct dimensions in the configurator: The width and length of your panels. In addition to the look, this shading also offers UV protection thanks to the good quality of the fabric. So, you can spend time on your patio in the summer without worrying about the weather. The use of such a patio roof shading is optimal because you can adjust each panel individually with a control rod. The assembly of the panels is quite simple thanks to the included instructions and can also be done by a layman without experience.

Turn a patio roof and glass sliding walls into the perfect winter garden

Have you always dreamed of having your own winter garden? With a patio roof and glass sliding walls, you can access your dream. These glass walls provide you with ideal protection against the wind, snow and rain. Through the individual application of sliding the individual glasses, you can decide for yourself how much wind you want to let in. Winter gardens are often too warm in summer and too cold in winter. With this product, you can use your winter garden all year round. For the perfect patio , you should also think about sun protection nachdenken. here. Again, you can consider awnings for shading, these are very efficient and not so expensive. For a custom-made product, you need to give the exact dimensions for the individual panels here. With the design, you can realize your ideas. If you want to install a privacy screen in addition to shading , mounting slats is suitable. With the combination of all the products, you can create a super feel-good oasis in nature and enjoy the fresh air all year round.

In summary, a patio cover is a good investment for your home. It not only increases the value of your property but also provides protection from the sun and rain. With a wide selection of materials, you can find the perfect cover for your needs. Matching this, the awnings made to your needs - and made in germany. And because the assembly is so simple, anyone with basic DIY skills can do it and the delivery time is only 1 to 2 weeks. So, if you're looking for a way to make your home more valuable and beautiful, you should consider a patio covered with awnings.

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