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Everything for your sun-protected patio

24.01.2023 Advisor
Everything for your sun-protected patio - Magazine - Optimal sun protection for your terrace | GERMES

Hot summer days are ideal for spending time on your terrace. But the sun can be harsh and can harm both your skin and eyes. In strong UV radiation, it can feel more like an oven than paradise under your patio cover. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to install a perfect shade dispenser, thus making your time outdoors enjoyable. With an awning, a sun sail, or a sun umbrella, you can control when and how much sunlight you get. If you want to sunbathe, for example, you can either close the shading completely or leave it half open. With a little effort, you can enjoy staying under your patio cover all summer long - and safely!

The importance of sun protection for your terrace

Spending time on your terrace is a wonderful way to enjoy nature, and sun protection helps you feel safe and comfortable. Protection from the elements is important to reduce heat in the summer months and minimize damage from ultraviolet rays. If you invest in high-quality sun protection for your cover, you can better utilize the balmy days without having to fear too much sun exposure. Sun umbrellas, sun sails, or awnings can create inviting places for entertaining and relaxing that are protected from harmful rays. Shading makes spending time outdoors even more pleasant and provides more comfort.

How to best protect your terrace from the sun


Protecting your terrace from the sun doesn't have to be a difficult task! With the right combination of materials, you can ensure that your terrace provides sufficient shading, and you can still sit comfortably in the hot summer months. Consider starting with a sun umbrella and then adding shading solutions like sun sails or retractable awnings. Both offer ultimate protection from direct sunlight while simultaneously creating beautiful shade. Pay close attention to the type of fabric you choose, as some fabrics block sun rays better than others. Also, choosing lighter colors instead of darker ones can help keep your terrace cooler in the blazing sun. Get ready to enjoy your outdoor haven instead of spending the whole summer indoors!

How to choose the right sun protection for your terrace

Choosing the right sun protection for your terrace can be an exciting task! There are a variety of options, including the awning, sun umbrellas, pergolas, and sun sails, and there's sure to be something that perfectly fits your lifestyle and meets your needs. Before you make your selection, consider how much area you want to cover, what type of protection you need, and what other special requirements your product must meet. So, you need the size and length of your cover. Also, consider things like location and climate - the material used should be weatherproof if you live in an area with heavy rain or strong wind. With all these considerations, you can then choose the style that best fits the aesthetic of your home! No matter which sun protection variant you choose, additional sun protection on your terrace creates a comfortable environment where family and friends can come together and fully enjoy outdoor life!

The perfect solution for your pergola

If you have an open pergola and want to provide a little more shade, you can also choose the above products. You just need to make sure that, for example, your awning is retracted in high gusts. Also, you should fold up a sun umbrella in wind and rain to offer your product ideal weather protection. The fabric of your chosen fabric should have properties for outdoor use. Surely there is also the right color for your sun sail or your awning. With the shape of the awning, you can choose according to your taste. You can get the individual panels in a cloud look or in the tight look. Here you can let your ideas run wild.

The advantages of a sun protection terrace

The installation of awnings or sun sails on your terrace is one of the best investments you can make so that you can enjoy the stay outdoors even more comfortably. With awnings, you no longer have to worry about the oppressive heat on summer days or the strong glare from the morning and afternoon sun. In addition, the pleasant shady atmosphere created by awnings makes your terrace look more inviting and attractive. You don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for function; modern awnings come in striking designs and colors that complement any outdoor area stylishly and bring character to your garden. Whether your terrace is large or small, investing in an awning will surely bring you comfort and joy for a lifetime!

How to install sun protection on your terrace

Installing sun protection on your terrace is a simple and efficient method to maximize the usability of your outdoor area. With the right tools, it's surprisingly easy, and you'll be surprised how quick and easy it goes! With a few simple measurements, a few materials from the hardware store, and a bit of patience, you can set up the sun protection in no time. The result? A stylish piece that protects your terrace from the blazing heat so you can enjoy it more often in the warmer months!

How can your sun protection products be cleaned

It depends on which of the different versions you have chosen. The following text shows you the different options:

Sun umbrellas

With a sun umbrella, you simply must remove the cover and spread it out on the floor or a table. Then clean with a sponge and some water and dish soap. Then pull the cover back on while it's damp and let it dry in the open state.


Here you must take down the individual panels again and take out the aluminum tubes. Then you can either wash the fabric by hand or in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and hang everything up again in a damp state.

Sun sail

You can also remove the sun sail and wash the fabric by hand or in the washing machine. You can simply leave the running hooks on the sail. Here also hang up again in a damp state and let dry.

Now that you know how important sun protection is for your terrace and how best to protect your terrace from the sun, it's time to buy the right sun protection for your home. The awning or sun sail can be made individually according to your wishes and requirements. So, if you're ready to set up a nice spot in your garden and take advantage of the days in the high summer outdoors, then look at the different products and make your perfect selection. Thank you for reading!

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