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Building Your Own Pallet Lounge - It's That Easy!

29.06.2022 / Advisor
Building Your Own Pallet Lounge - It\'s That Easy!  - ᐅ Build pallet lounge yourself - DIY construction plan I GERMES

Are you handy and want to build your own pallet lounge? Then you should follow this DIY construction plan guide. Here you'll learn everything about the necessary steps, materials, and tools needed to complete this task.

Imagine sitting on your balcony or in your garden, pondering how you could make it more beautiful and cozier. As you think about how you can accomplish this, an idea strikes you: "We can build a pallet lounge!" Almost as soon as you've said it, you start looking for the perfect guide for your project. Here, you've found your ideal guide and can start building your pallet lounge.

What do you need to build a pallet lounge?

To make your relaxation spot truly perfect, you can't just use any materials or tools. You should carefully consider whether you should really use very cheap disposable pallets for your lounge and what accessories you need for the construction.

We've compiled a list of supplies you should use for building your pallet lounge—making it extra cozy and appealing. For building a comfort oasis with pallets, certain types of pallets are recommended.

The most cost-effective is the furniture pallet made of spruce wood. The pallets usually have the dimensions: 120 × 80 × 14.5 cm. When choosing pallets, some options can save you certain work steps. For instance, planed pallets save you the task of sanding, and pallets already painted in white, and anthracite save you the task of painting. These tools are needed to build your own pallet lounge:

  • Cordless drill
  • Torx Bit
  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw
  • Universal screws 5 mm x 50 mm
  • Blued steel nails with a flat head - 2 mm x 30 mm
  • Cushions for outdoor furniture

Avoid using Euro pallets (from logistics)

For a safe and comfortable pallet lounge, you should avoid industrial Euro pallets, which often contain harmful substances that can affect your health. Therefore, it's particularly advisable to get non-toxic pallets.

Building a Pallet Lounge – Step-by-Step Guide

The simplest form of a pallet lounge is the sofa. It's very straightforward to build and can be done even without much knowledge. For this small project, you need 3 pallets (please follow the criteria above).

Step 1 – Sanding the Pallets

Before you start building your lounge, prevent injuries by sanding the pallets smoothly with sandpaper or a sanding machine.

Step 2 – Pre-drilling

Pre-drill holes for screws so that the pallets can be seamlessly joined. (Tip: Pre-drill the pallets diagonally to save time and avoid frustration.)

Step 3 – Add Color

You can also paint the pallet lounge before further construction, letting your creativity run wild.

Step 4 – Stack the Pallets

To begin building the pallet lounge, stack two uncut pallets on top of each other and screw them together.

Step 5 – The Backrest

To make your stack of pallets into a lounge, you still need a backrest. Screw the last upright pallet to the other two. Now you've successfully built your own pallet lounge.

Step 6 - Add Coziness

To make the pallet lounge as comfortable as possible, you can add cushions for outdoor furniture such as backrests and seat cushions. Now you've done it.

You have now successfully built a pallet lounge without armrests yourself.you want even more coziness or possibly a little more seating space? That is no problem. Thanks to the very flexible pallets, they can still expand on this lounge types. For example, put 2 sofas next to each other to get more length.

Pallet Lounge with Armrests and Table

If you feel that this small sofa is not enough and you'd like to add a table and armrests, you can easily do that. For this, you will need in addition to the above shopping list:

  • 2 pallets for the armrests
  • 2 pallets for the table
  • 4 heavy-duty caster wheels screws

Adding the Armrests: Lay the pallets on their side. Cut them at the middle blocks and screw them to the sides of the lounge. Your armrests are ready.

Making the Table: Lay the pallet you want to use as the bottom on its back. Screw the heavy-duty casters to the corners. Then flip the pallet and attach the top pallet to the pre-drilled holes.

Now you've successfully built a cozy pallet lounge and can unwind with a glass of wine after a hard day's work.

Perfecting the Coziness – A Raised Bed for a Natural Flair

If you want to use your pallet lounge in a pleasant, natural garden atmosphere and really relax, why not build a raised bed made of pallets nearby? With a few resources, you create a cozy oasis and can even enjoy a garden feeling on the balcony. Wouldn't you like to calmly sip coffee on the balcony while observing your own grapevines or experiencing the charm of Italy through your basil plant? Enjoy your evenings in your self-built pallet lounge.

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