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Balcony: Ideas for privacy protection.

05.05.2022 / Inspiration
Balcony: Ideas for privacy protection. - ᐅ Balcony privacy screen ideas for any situation | GERMES

Especially in big cities and densely populated areas where green spaces are scarce, your own balcony offers a welcome oasis of calm. In the summer months, when you can stay outside in the fresh air until late at night, the advantages of a balcony become very clear.

The balcony can easily be transformed into a place of relaxation with a few pot plants and a cozy sitting area, where the everyday stress of work can be exchanged for a well-deserved mini vacation in your mind with just a few steps.

Enjoying the end of the day with a cool drink in hand and finally switching off - the scene could be perfect if it weren't for the uncomfortable feeling of being exposed to the curious eyes of the neighbors like on a presentation plate. An effective privacy screen can help here, offering you the desired privacy and giving space to the beautiful moments of life.

There are many ideas for privacy protection on the balcony, but as is well known, ambiance and well-being go hand in hand, so there is a justifiable aesthetic demand for the privacy screen. In this guide, we discuss various ideas for privacy protection on the balcony and give you practical tips on how to find the ideal and individually suitable variant.

The following aspects will be explained in more detail:

What should be considered when thinking about privacy ideas for the balcony?

Regarding the requirements for the shield that protects you from the curious glances of your neighbors, various factors come together that all ideas for privacy protection on the balcony must subordinate. On the one hand, there is the aesthetic component, because after all, a pleasant atmosphere should be ensured in terms of your own relaxation, where you can relax to your heart's content.

To find a truly sustainable solution for the private place of rest, you should refrain from buying the nearest balcony wrap in bright neon color from the supermarket around the corner, as you will thus escape the gazes of the neighbors, but in the future, you will probably stay less on the balcony yourself.

On the other hand, the type of attachment must be considered, because especially in rental apartments, as a tenant you do not necessarily have a free hand in the choice of privacy protection for the balcony, this should also be considered in advance in the idea finding.

If the privacy screen of your choice must be screwed into the house wall with capital iron anchors, the landlord will most likely veto, so the ideas for privacy protection on the balcony here focus exclusively on options without drilling. Even if you own the property, the option without drilling brings with it many more advantages, as assembly and disassembly are made easy and require no craft skills or expensive tools.

The different options for effective privacy protection on the balcony without drilling

Once you've decided on a privacy screen for the balcony without drilling, the next step is to choose the material. In the attachment, you will notice only minor differences in all the following variants, the attachment of the privacy screen on the balcony should not be a Herculean task.

Quality differences in the attachment are of course not to be excluded and it is worth noting this in the ideas for privacy protection on the balcony in the personal checklist, as a stable attachment will greatly contribute to the longevity of the balcony wrap. A widely used and inexpensive variant are balcony claddings made of bast.

Natural material is often used because it is relatively inexpensive to buy and does not miss a certain southern flair. The disadvantage of the bast mat, however, is the comparatively poor resistance, as weather and moisture can affect the material.

In addition, in everyday use of the balcony, individual bast rods can quickly break out of the mat, which then leads to unsightly holes in the wrap. A long-lasting alternative, which is often mentioned as a privacy screen idea without drilling on the balcony, are sheets of PVC plastic. PVC has a reputation for durability and is therefore often used for floors or balcony wraps.

With the eyelets punched into the PVC plastic, the material can be easily attached to the balcony railing and is certainly a more long-term solution than the bast mat. When it comes to environmental friendliness, however, PVC must make clear deductions due to its harmful manufacturing process.

Privacy screen idea for the balcony in individual design

A so far less well-known variant for effective and good-looking privacy protection on your own balcony is the use of Dralon fabric, which has earned its place in the idea finding due to its excellent material properties.

At Germes you can buy privacy screens made of Dralon fabric for your own balcony in a wide range of colors and patterns and let your creative ideas run free thanks to this wide range of different designs. 25 different colors assure you an elegant ambiance according to your taste, which can be chosen to match the house color or your own balcony furniture.

The self-explanatory attachment by means of supplied cable ties or various colored cords makes your privacy screen idea for your own balcony become reality in no time, and that without drilling. The unique composition of the Dralon fabric, which consists of 100% recyclable acrylic fabric, makes this type of balcony wrap a long-term solution that does not lose any of its color splendor even after several seasons.

This is made possible by a high light resistance, i.e., excellent color fastness even with high UV radiation. The various models from Germes, as a continuous balcony wrap or divided into several sections, make this privacy screen idea a solution that can be attached to the balcony railing in a variety of situations.

Sustainability and environmental protection in production thanks to extremely low water consumption and an excellent CO2 balance let you relax on your balcony with a clear conscience.

From the idea to the finished privacy screen on your own balcony

If you consider factors such as attachment without drilling, the robustness of the material and the desired aesthetics when choosing the privacy screen for the balcony, you will quickly and easily get from the first idea to the ideal balcony wrap.

Even less common variants, such as the high-quality Dralon fabric, offer themselves as real alternatives to plastics or bast mats thanks to their longevity and wide range of colors. With the right privacy screen for the balcony, you create a place of relaxation that you will always enjoy visiting.

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